Muhammad Facebook Fan Page Protested

Facebook’s decision to hold the competition is a form of religious defamation.

VIVAnews - The Indonesian Religious Affairs Department is filing a protest against the initiator of Prophet Muhammad cartoon drawing competition on Facebook.
Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali said he would be seeking the data of the competition’s initiator. “I think we’ll be able to file a serious protest after learning whether the competition was initiated by an individual or a group,” he told reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday, May 19.
According to him, Facebook’s decision to hold the competition is a form of religious defamation.
“There will be no other words to describe it besides defamation against Islam,” the minister said.
Therefore, he asked the initiator of the competition to cancel the fan page because it has obviously hurt the feelings of the Muslims.
Meanwhile, the Religious Affairs Minister is currently preventing undesirable issues sparked by the news. “Information technology is the area of expertise of the Communications and Information Minister. We have to find the way to avoid such thing in the future”.
Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring will reportedly send a letter to the Facebook group organizing the drawing competition.
“We’ll be writing to the Facebook initiator because it’s overseas,” he said at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.
The Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Drawing Competition was announced by a group called Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! The contest is planned to be conducted on May 20, 2010. The information published by the group since April 25, 2010 says, "May 20th 2010 is draw Mohammed day! Help spread knowledge about this important day - invite your friends!".
Until 3.58 PM today, there have been 40.481 Facebook users declaring their inclination to the group.

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