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Space Invaders Soap
Cool soap inspired by the aliens from the classic Atari video game. [link]

iPhone Soap
This unusual soap is roughly the same size as the actual iPhone. [link]

Sushi Soap
Soap set for sushi lovers comes with its own porcelain tray. [link]

Pizza Soap
Delicious looking soap shaped like two Pepperoni pizza slices. [link]

Darth Vader Soap
Star Wars themed soap will tempt you to join the dark side. [link]

Gun Soap
Soap shaped like a handgun designed by Andreas Kraeftner. [link]

Fight Club Soap
Unique soap inspired by David Fincher’s classic movie Fight Club. [link]

Oreo Cookies Soap
Handmade cookie shaped soap looks just like the real thing. [link]

Magic Lamp Soap
Aladdin’s magic lamp soap designed by Chloe Coulson. [link]

Money Soap
This clever soap was left in public restrooms to create awareness about corruption problems in Lithuania. [link]

Tetris Soap
Creative soap set for the fans of the classic puzzle video game. [link]


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